Dec 17

Progress Update


The Andy B and Stephen W have been pretty busy over the past few months getting the Peak ready for the bodywork contractors WeldCare to carry on with their work. Photos taken by Stephen W.


This is No 2 end where the compressor was.

IMG_00001202  IMG_00001146   IMG_00001123 IMG_00001121 IMG_00001233 IMG_00001232


IMG_00001257IMG_00001290   IMG_00001283IMG_00001286


The first piece of flooring to go in :)


The overhauled Traction Motor Blower comm back from Humber Electrical- photo by Mark R.

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Sep 12

No 2 End Nose – Start

Steve W visited yesterday with the needle gun and started on No 2 nose end.





After (with a coat of paint to protect the metal).


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Aug 26

No2 end nose and more bodywork

10628306_730040937088396_7850331597269309028_n 10622914_730041383755018_762422129677648696_n IMG_20140712_133355307

The group conducted a working week end in which the other nose End was removed followed by the TMB. Work will now commence on cutting out the remains of the tin worm infested floor to enable it to be replaced. A photo also of the new fabricated boiler access step’s which have been tack welded in by our contractor. The other end is just about ready for the new floor . AB

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Jul 12

Bodywork Update

Not many photos from our last visit I’m afraid, but we’ve started descaling the bulkhead No1 end and No 2 end nose and Traction Motor Blower are ready to be lifted out the next time we’re down.

We’ve also had the bodywork contractors doing some work lately and here is a photo of the work done:





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Jun 02

41001 Lives!

One of our shed mates moved under their own power for the first time this weekend! Read the article and watch the excellent video here

We look forward to running top and tail with her very soon!


46010 News – we will be on site next weekend!



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Apr 21

Nose cones, grinders and an Easter bunny!

IMG_00000357 IMG_00000363 IMG_00000364 IMG_00000366

These were taken 2 weeks ago but here is Andy B and Steve W with the needle gun and the first lot of paint going on (it’s only hammerite to protect the metalwork!)

IMG_20140421_151115 IMG_20140421_151132 IMG_20140421_151141 IMG_20140421_151225 IMG_20140421_151228 IMG_20140421_151236

Andy B, Steve W and myself spent 2 days at Ruddington over the Bank holiday weekend. Steve W spent most of the 2 days cutting out the “bad” floor in No1 end. We were able to remove the nose cone off No 2 end, the Traction Motor Blower is ready to come out and the nose is a few bolts away from being lifted off. That will be the first thing

Last but not least…Phil S aka the Easter Bunny Rabbit.



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Mar 01

The nose is finally off!

Another successful and productive day in Ruddington, we’ve finally managed to get the nose off!

IMG_20140301_130117 IMG_20140301_130124 IMG_20140301_130122 IMG_20140301_131452 IMG_20140301_131455 IMG_20140301_131456 IMG_20140301_131458 IMG_20140301_131500 IMG_20140301_131503 IMG_20140301_131859 IMG_20140301_132120 IMG_20140301_132124


Thanks to Mark Russell for the hand!

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Feb 07

The tanks are out!

IMG_20140201_111518 IMG_20140201_115247 IMG_20140201_115255 IMG_20140201_115304 IMG_20140201_115308 IMG_20140201_115312 IMG_20140201_143347 IMG_20140201_143351 IMG_20140201_143707 IMG_20140201_143711 IMG_20140201_143716 IMG_20140201_143724 IMG_20140201_143729 IMG_20140201_143732IMAG0271


We’ve finally managed to get the air tanks out of No1 end nose!

What’s left isn’t pretty but once we’ve made the space to get to whats left of the floor and clean it out the bodywork contrators will be ready to make a template for a new floor! While the air tanks are out we’ll get them checked over before being put back in.

A very tiring but enjoyable day had by all – especially Andy B who did alot of the grinding!

More next month!

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Nov 18

Update – Traction Motor Blower, Cones and a stuck Nose.

In October with 3 of us on site, we removed the nose cones from No 1 end, we tried to remove the nose but found there are still some bolts holding the nose on so it stayed where it was for now.

We decided to remove the Traction Motor Blower for closer inspection while we had the crane out. This has been put on a pallet and stored inside until the next time we’re in Ruddington. This was the cause of the failure a few months ago.

46010 has now been drained, shes tarped up and has been secured for the Winter.

Thanks to Josh F and Mark R for a hand with the crane and Mark F and Pete B for a hand with the tarpaulins.


This weekend Andy B and Steve W were on site, looking to grind off the bolts holding the nose on and it looks like we may need to remove the two air tanks to get at 2 or 3 of them so we can get the nose off.

With the Santa season starting soon and 2 passed secondmen in the group, staffing these service trains will take priority so the job of removing the tanks and nose may have to wait until January.
Photos below from October.

IMG_00000193 IMG_00000206 IMG_00000205 IMG_00000203 IMG_00000202 IMG_00000197 IMG_00000198 IMG_00000199 IMG_00000201 IMG_00000196 IMG_00000195 IMG_00000194

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Oct 01

Radiator Grills


On Friday before the GCRN Gala we removed the Radiator Grills ready for the contractors to replace the corroded panel on the secondmans side (where the scaffold is).

We will prep them ready for repainting in the next few months.


Progress is still being made away from the railway with the Limited Company setup, we now have the final pieces of paperwork ready to be proof read and signed. The next step is getting the company formed – finally!

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